ME translates ‘sustainability’ in her own way. We call it ‘concious venturing’. We believe that everyone will have to make their contribution – even small – so that we can keep the world a clean an safe place. ME is not a environmentalist. We only try to do everything in our process – from design to sale – with care, attention, honestly and transparency.

  • Production: the collection is made in ateliers in Europe that provide their workers fair labour-circumstances. At the moment we work with an atelier in Bulgarije and The Netherlands. Both ateliers follow EU Directives.
  • Stoffen: As much as possible we use natural fabrics like cotton, viscose, tencel. katoen, viscose en tencel. All fabrics are at least OEKO-TEX 100 certified and some are organic with the GOTS-label. En het liefst biologisch, met een keurmerk zoals GOTS en OEKO-TEX. Besides we don’t waste fabrics. Remains are used for sampling or transformed in limited editions.


  • Transport and packaging: we use as much as we can paper packaging which can be recycled after use. We also re-use packaging that we receive from returns if possible.
  • Design: we are not inspired by trends and fashion but design timeless clothing that we love. Our collections are known for timeless fit, design, colours and patterns. We challenge women to find their own stye independent of fashion-trends so that they make a conscious choice when they buy cloths.
  • Local: we try to work as much as we can with (small) local suppliers and partners and prefer a long term relationship build on trust.